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29 July 2013- Still in Freiburg & Loving It

Hello Family & Friends

The first part of this week was busy busy busy!  
The Beauty of Where I am Serving

Traditional Missionary Picture

The Countryside

Everyone in the ward and their mothers wanted to invite us over to say goodbye to Sister Jenson.  So it was a lot of eating appointments, traveling, and packing.  We did visit this member in Titisee, which was an AMAZING appointment.  Not only do they live in probably the most beautiful area of Freiburg, but they had some of the most amazing food I have eaten so far on my mission.  She studied food and nutrition at school, and so she put together a bunch of really interesting flavors of food, and a lot of really good herbs.  She made a kräuter(herb) butter, which we put on EVERYTHING (the bread, the rice, even the meat!)  But they fed us soooo much...we had no desire to eat anything else for probably another 18 hours. 

We also went to an investigator's house. They come from Ghana. Sister Jenson has been trying to get an eating appointment with Africans her whole mission because she wanted to try an African food called Fufu (not quite sure how to spell it...) But anyways, it is an African dish that is basically just a blob of dough with sauce and sometimes shredded meat on  top.  But you eat it by grabbing a bit of dough with your fingers, dipping it in the sauce, and then simply swallowing it whole!  No chewing, just swallowing the slimy delicious thing.  We finally got to eat it at this lady's house, and it probably made Sister Jenson's life.  It was an interesting experience!

I have to admit, probably the scariest part of my mission was when I was in Stuttgart, waving goodbye to Sister Jenson as she gets on a train to Munich, and thinking in 4 hours I am going to have a Golden and be a trainer....GAAAAH!' 
Taking Time for some silliness

Parting Shot before Transfers
Thursday was not easy on my nerves but luckily, I have a great new companion that helps take away the nerves completely!  Whew, President gave me a good Golden.  Her name is Sister Henry, and she is probably the most excited, enthusiastic, and cheerful person I have ever met.  Everyone thinks we are twin Sisters, which is especially confusing to people on the streets because we wear name tags that say 'Sister' on it.  
Shhhh... she hasn't slept in a veryyyyyy long time
But she is super great, I can tell that she is going to be good for this ward, this area, and for me!  

I kinda feel bad for her though, for her very first Sunday in Germany we gave a lesson in Relief Society. Surprise!  It was actually a really good lesson, we talked about having peace at home and using our talents to invite others to 'Come and See' how we live.  I think it was a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to the ward as a companionship, and to help them trust us and be comfortable with asking us to help out with ward things.  So it went well!  

Quick fun story:  So I have no idea why, but we got home one night, we were exhausted, we had been traveling all day, we just wanted to go to bed. When we got into our bedroom there are bees EVERYWHERE!!!  I have no idea how so many bees got into the room!  

Sister Henry locked me in the bedroom saying 'You're the trainer, you kill the bees!'  and I was yelling 'you are a month older, you kill the bees!'  We were screaming every time we heard a buzz close to our head.  
I put on my big, long, winter parka- because I did not want ANY skin showing for those bees to sting me!- and my tennis shoes and tried to step on all the bees on the floor and aimlessly swatting in the air.  
Heehee it was a fun night.  I don't think we were able to get to bed until 11 that night because of the bees.  
Poor Sister Henry, I'm not doing a very good job at helping her overcome jet lag lol.

It's been a good week, and I am super excited to work with Sister Henry for these next 2 transfers. Thanks again to everyone who writes me letters, and to everyone who reads this blog.  I can feel your support and it helps me so much!  Danke schön!

-Sister Peterson

Germany is Beautiful

Shopping District

Walking to an Appointment

Beautiful double Rainbow seen from our Window

This is a sign of good luck and friendship

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  1. You were able to get the photos downloaded, awesome! Love the sleeping shot haha, they are quite a pair.