Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 August 2013: Welcome to Frieburg, My Little Golden

Dear Family & Friends,

Well this was Sister Henry and my first full week together.  
At first I was super worried that we weren't going to have enough lessons, that we were going to spend a lot of time contacting, and that Sister Henry was going to get absolutely bored of the mission.  But be careful what you wish for, we were BUSY!!!  
There was hardly any time to contact, we would go straight from one appointment to the next (many of which, zum Glück, were eating appointments!) and we actually got a lot of things done.  Man, when you fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow and all you ever want to do for Fruhsport is stretching, then you know that you are working hard! 
We get people asking us ALL THE TIME if Sister Henry and I are twins.  
Crazy talk!! 
This week for one of our service projects we went to Titisee.  No matter how many times I go there, it continues to amaze me.  
We had to take an hour long train to get there, and then the service appointment actually fell out :(  But one of the members took us around to see the Titisee and explore a few of the touristy shops.  
I guess one of the things that Schwarzwald (the Black Forest) is famous for is it's cuckoo clocks.  
We went into one of the tourist stores to see the clocks, and they are so expensive!  There were clocks for like €900.  But they were fun to see anyways :P

A day of Service turned Sight Seeing


 It's been kind of weird for me making the transition from working with Sister Jenson to Sister Henry, not so much their personalities, but the transition between our focus.  
With Sister Jenson, finding potential investigators was super super important to us, and we would find potentials and new investigators like crazy!  
But with Sister Henry, our focus has been with really working with the ward and building up our relationship with the members, and also really working on reactivating the less actives.  I just have to keep reminding myself that if we want to find new people to teach, we have to take care of the people that we already have.  
Sister Henry told me that she was worried that her first area would be spent simply contacting and hardly any lessons...teehee Welcome to Freiburg!  
Our monthly mission-wide fast this month was for every companionship to have a baptism in the month of August.  It kills me, because we have so many investigators who are SO READY, but there are all of these complications, holdbacks, or they are just simply busy or out of town for summer.  I need to work on my faith this month, and remind myself that whenever I am doubting something, I am basically telling the Lord that I don't have faith that He can and WILL help us out.  
I have an awful time picking favorites (movies, songs, colors, etc...) especially when it comes to picking favorite scriptures and hymns (they are just all so great!) but my favorite scriptures for the last few weeks has been Ether 12:4.  It talks about hope and faith, and how they work together to form an anchor in our lives.  How wonderful it is to know that with faith and hope, we will have the power and steadfastness to withstand any trial that comes our way!  I would love to write the scripture out for you, but I only have my scriptures in German...Google Translate!

Everything is going well here in Freiburg, and I hope all is well back home! 

Bis wiederhören!
-Sister Peterson

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