Monday, August 12, 2013

11 August 2013: The Bees Knees

Dear Family & Friends-

There are a lot of things that people don't expect about serving a mission.  
The funny thing about being a trainer is seeing your Golden trying to comprehend these stereotypical aspects of missionary life.  
One of these things that I don't think Americans will ever really appreciate is having to run for public transportation :P  I can count on one hand the mornings where I have NOT needed to run for the Straßenbahn. There is just a certain panic that comes from the idea that you are going to miss a train that won't come again for another hour.  
Poor Sister Henry!  
Good thing she can run fast. 
We were at a member's house this week with the Elders for an eating appointment, and we realized that we had all forgotten to check return train times.  
The member quickly looked up the train times and we realized that if we wanted to make it home in time, we had to catch a train that was scheduled to come 5 minutes later (and it is a 5 minute walk to Bahnhof.)  
We quickly got on our shoes, thanked her for the meal, gave a quick spiritual thought, and BOOKED IT! 
I have never run so hard and so desperately in my life!  
Just imagine 4 missionaries, running through the rolling hills of the Black Forest, seeing a train drive by and screaming 'THAT'S OUR TRAIN!  RUN! RUN! WE CAN STILL MAKE IT!!'  
Oh man, we definitely burned off all the calories from that eating appointment!  
But guess what?  We made the train ;)

I just found out from a member that Migros is going out of business in Freiburg and in a few other surrounding areas.  Migros is a Swiss grocery store, and pretty much my last 'in' to Switzerland foods. Guess who is stocking up on Frey chocolates this week?  

Now to missionary related things...
I think it is really interesting the different focus that various missionaries and companionship's have on missionary work, 
and how the focus changes from transfer to transfer.  
I told you last week that Sister Jenson and I were all about finding people.  
But Sister Henry and I have really focused on supporting the ward and visiting less actives.  
I have seen such a change in the attitude of the ward members as we have really taken the time to serve the members and get to know them.  
I think a lot of this new excitement that the ward has developed is due to Sister Henry, she just BLEEDS love and enthusiasm.  I also think it's funny that we have become known as the 'twin sisters', not only in the ward, but among our investigators as well!  
We really do act like it sometimes, but I guess that's what happens when you stick two green-y 19 year old missionaries together :P  

In all seriousness, the work is going great.  
Freiburg is absolutely amazing, I dread the day I have to leave!  
I wish I could take the time to tell you about every investigator and every story, 
but Leide, habe ich nicht so viel Zeit.  
But thank you to everyone who supports me in any way!  I love you all so much, and hope everything is going well!

I don't have a lot of pictures for the week- 
food pictures... do you think all we do is eat???
In my defense, we had worked really hard all week
and we treated ourselves to eating out!

My attempt at eating a Doner

Sister Henry eating a Turkish Pizza

I love these flowers in front of an apartment building

-Sister Peterson

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