Monday, July 22, 2013

15 July 2013

Dear Family,

     I thank the Lord every night for being able to serve in such a great and beautiful area as Freiburg.  Sister Jenson and I are super blessed to be so busy and have so many people that the Lord has trusted us to take care of.  But we are SO BUSY, it's crazy!  

     This week we are Zone Training in Singen (our first Zone Training with the new Freiburg Zone!)  and it was super inspiring. The Zone leaders mentioned how we are the only zone in the mission that is not a stake, and how this area is about the EXPLODE with success, and that's a new Zone was created.  This area has everything it needs to be a Zone (priesthood holders, church buildings, tithing funds, etc) EXCEPT members.  So this area is stressing missionary work a lot-both with the full time missionaries and member missionaries.  It's just cool to know that we were put in this area for a reason, so that we could help work miracles that this area has the potential of seeing.  And they kept talking about how cool it would be to have an Apostle come to make this area a Zone...pretty much my motivation to work even harder!

     We also had interviews with the President this week, and it was my first time having a one on one interview with the President since I started my mission.  I was super nervous at first, but during the interview I could tell that he is a man who is called of God to lead the missionary work in this part of the world.  Super grateful for him and his work.  And President and Sister Miles joined us for a district meeting, which was cool.  

     Sister Miles talked about this new announcement regarding missionary work and technology, and she said we won't know for sure what's going on and how it's going to effect our mission until September.  She kept referring to Russel M. Nelson as 'Daddy' (she's his daughter-crazy, right?)  which was kinda funny.  How intimidating would it be to have an Apostle as a father in law?  

     The work is going great here in Freiburg!  We keep finding more potentials and getting new investigators, and Sister Jenson and I are wondering how in the world we are supposed to take care of all of these people!  (I guess we have no choice to baptize all of them, so that we have time to teach all of these new investigators!)  But seriously, we are the brink of so much success here, which is such a blessing.  But whenever the Saints rejoice, Satan gets furious.  We have also been tempted and tried so much this week, and there are days that are just really hard to work for no particular reason.  But those are the days that we see the most miracles happen.  It's scary to know how many forces are working against us to prevent us from seeing this success, but it is even more empowering to know that the forces of heaven are moving mountains for us every day to help us in every aspect of our life.  I'm glad that I have learned to rely on the Lord during my mission, because I am way too weak to do this work alone!  It is a great experience, and I continue to love my mission more and more.  
Thanks for your prayers and letters and support!  

-Sister Peterson
Sister Jenson & I climbed to the top of Munster last P-Day

These are pictures of Hauptfriedhof (the cemetery by our apartment.)  

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