Monday, July 22, 2013

22 July 2013: Transfers!!

Dear Family-

     The week before transfer calls normally go super slow because everyone is so excited to hear where they will be going and who they will be working with for the next 6 weeks.  But this week was again SUPER BUSY.  

     We did another exchange this week with the Sister Training Leaders, which was super fun.  It was Tuesday-Thursday, and I'm pretty sure we spend at least 12 hours on a train within those three days.  Man, I can't wait for more Sisters to get to this mission so Freiburg Zone can finally have Sister Training Leaders of it's own!  But good news, this next transfer there will be another set of Sisters in Singen, so us Freiburg Sisters won't be the only ones!

     Back to the exchange...

     So the STLs are actually working in a companionship of three in Stuttgart.  The STLs are Sister Jencks and Stewart, and they are both training a new Golden.  Sister Jenson went to Stuttgart with the Golden and both STLs came here to Freiburg to work with me.  Eep!  How scary!  It was my first time taking over the area, but luckily we didn't get lost, and we had a lot of lessons, which was good.  But man, contacting in a drit is so hard!  The poor people on the street, we practically surround them...I have so much respect for drits now, it would be so hard to work in one!  But it was fun to do for a day :P

     So last week in interviews with the President, we somehow got into the topic of training.  He had mentioned how there are actually some missionaries who are training after two transfers (so right after they get done with training themselves, which is actually what Sister Jenson did.)  But anyways, he asked if I was excited to train, and I told him I would love to eventually train, but I felt nowhere near ready to train right now!  He assured me that I probably wouldn't be training this next transfer.  There are 14 Sisters coming in, 9 of which are European, and he said he wants to put as many Sisters as he can into Switzerland.  Which left 5 American Sister left, 28 Sisters who were available to train, and the likelihood that I would be training would be very very low.  But then little miss Sister Jenson, during her interview with President, got the prompting to tell him that I am doing great, my German skills are great (doch!) and that all I lack in confidence.  So when transfers calls came on Friday morning, the last thing I was expecting was to be told I was training.

      But guess who is getting a brand new Golden on Thursday? THIS SISTER!  oh man, the feelings of inadequacy and confusiong that I am feeling right now!  Die arme Missionarin that I will be training!  President doesn't match up Goldens with their trainers until after he has met them (which is the day before they leave to their area) sooo the first time I will know who my companion is will be when she is stepping off the train at whatever Bahnhof I go to pick her up.  YIKES.  So scared...

     In other transfer news, Sister Jenson will be working in Munich in the same ward as the APs and President and Sister Miles.  I will be staying here in Freiburg for another 12 weeks (woohoo to having a third of my mission in one of the prettiest places in Germany!)  and Elder Young is going to Austria.  Fun times.  Wish me luck! 

-Sister Peterson

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  1. My daughter is her golden :) Sister Henry is going to love Freiburg & will adore Sister Peterson!