Tuesday, July 9, 2013

8 July 2013

Hello Again,

I have to bring my journal with me to write emails, because I can never remember what happens during the week!  Ah, life is all a blur.  A wonderful, messy blur that makes my feet and neck ache and my heart sing.  Oh, das Leben einer Missionarin..
We actually did get to celebrate the 4th of July, which was pretty fun.  A few of the districts in our zone traveled to Freiburg, and we had a BBQ and mini little American party at the church.  It was funny to try to pull off a traditional American Independence Day meal, but it was still pretty tasty.  My goal for next year is to be a Sister Training Leader in July next year, because all of the Zone Leaders/Sister Training Leaders get to go to München on the 4th for a 'Training Meeting', but they get a fun little party (or whatever you call missionary shindigs) at the end. 

Sister Jenson and I decided to tell each other 3 good things about each other (either a compliment or something we were grateful for or something that we did good that day) and 1 suggestion at the end of planning every day.  It has really helped to build our relationship and stay positive and grateful for each other.  Which is a huge blessing, because after almost 12 weeks of being together 24/7, patience is not all that easy!  Oh, the wonderful life skills you learn on your mission.

We got to watch the Work of Salvation broadcast with the members yesterday, and I am so grateful that the members were able to watch it!  A few of the members came up to us afterwards and promised that they would be better member missionaries, which made me so excited!  If a ward really know what their role in missionary work is and how to help the full time missionaries, then the work goes SO MUCH BETTER.  We should have no time to go knocking on doors because of all the referals we recieve! Whew, sorry about that rant, I'm just really excited to how missionary work is going to continue to change over the next few years.

We met with "P" again this week, and when we started reading a scripture in Alma she got all excited and started clapping her hands.  She told us that we have made her fall in love with the Book of Mormon and that Alma is her favorite chapter.  (False, the Spirit makes her fall in love with scriptures, and the scriptures are just great in general.)  But anyways, it's always exciting as a missionary to see your investigators not just accepting to live the gospel, but actually enjoying it as well!

Before I go, it is my duty as a missionary to build everyone up and make them feel all warm and spiritual inside.  I have been studying charity and love this month, and I really enjoy what 1 Corinthians 13:1 says about charity.  Sounding brass is really loud, but it fades away quickly as well.  We can still be really effective without charity, but we will not have a lasting effect on the people we come into contact with.  But if we serve and act with charity, then the people who's lives we touch will be blessed, and will have long-lasting effects.  

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!  
-Sister Peterson

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