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6 May 2013

Oh goodness, this week has been crazy!  So we flew out of Provo on Tuesday morning and then got to Germany Wednesday morning, and then we were expected to stay awake all Wednesday for training and such.  It was so exhausting...and I'm still not over jetlag!  The other missionaries in my area say that it takes anywhere between 9 days to 3 weeks to get used to, and I'm hoping that I get over it sooner than later because I never have any energy to do anything!  So exhausted...all the time...such is the Missionary life, no?

Well I guess I should probably let y'all know where I am serving.  I am in Freiburg, Germany!  Its such a fun city, it has a university here so there are a lot of students, a lot of fun shopping places, and a lot of personality.  It also has 2 really gorgeous Chapels, and a really beautiful cemetery.  (I know that is weird to say, but the Germans are fascinated with death and really respect their ancestors, so their cemeteries are generally really pretty.)  No pictures this week, but I will try to remember to bring my camera around so I can show you more of where I live, it is gorgeous! 

So I was super bummed in the MTC once I found out that Switzerland doesn't let Americans have work visas, so Americans don't get to serve in Switzerland.  But Freiburg is actually in a Swiss stake, and we are very close to Switzerland, so I actually get to go there occasionally!  My first few days were kinda hectic so I actually stayed in Switzerland for my first 2 days, and I can not describe how gorgeous it is!  Well I guess all of you back home have Google so you can just look it up, but I can promise you that pictures don't do Switzerland justice.  I am so lucky!  Freiburg is really gorgeous too, I haven't seen a lot of it so far, but I am so blessed to be serving in such a great area.  And the ward here is HUGE! (at least for a German ward), there are about 150 members I want to say?  Sister Jenson (my companion) says that the members help us a lot with missionary work, and a bigger ward also means more DINNER APPOINTMENTS!  I've only had one so far, but Sister Jenson says that we get a lot.  German food is so good.  I haven't tried a Döner yet, I think I'll start by dipping my toes in the water before I get too adventerous with the food.

About my new companion-Sister Jenson is 21 and has really good Deutsch!  She studied German at BYU and lived in foreign residence housing for a bit just to practice her Deutsch, so she speaks really well.  But she is new to the mission field; she was fast-tracked through the MTC, so she was only there 11 days, came to the field in the middle of a transfer, and then was here for one full transfer.  So she has been on her mission less than 3 months and just barely finished her training, and now she is my trainer.  Scary!  But she is great, she speaks really well, has an excitement for this work, and has a lot of patience with me.  So she's great.  Funny thing about our companionship though-I am lactose intolerant and she is gluten intolerant.  Oh boy, we are going to be fun for the members!  

This Thursday is a mission tour, which I think is only once a year.  That's where our area 70 comes and tours the mission and speaks to us and all that jazz.  All the Switzerland missionaries are gather in Zurick, and so I get to go to Switzerland again this week for that.  My district was chosen to sing, which is fun, but kind of scary considering Sister Jenson and I are the only Sisters in our district.  So our voices will kind of stand out..yikes.

The language is so hard!  But it's coming.  The Germans are really understanding and help me with the language.  Sometimes they'll start to speak English to me once they hear my accent, which is frustrating because I want to practice German!  Normally I just tell them I want to practice and they'll speak German again and just talk slower, but sometimes my brain just shuts off and I'm grateful that Europeans learn English!  Ugh, my brain is so exhausted all the time...
I think that that is all for this week.  Thank you all for your support!  My new P-day is Mondays.  just an FYI.  Bis später!
-Sister Peterson

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