Monday, May 13, 2013

13 May 2013 with Pictures

 Es geht schnell! (It is fast)

This week was so BUSY!  As much as I love being busy as a missionary, it's so exhausting...especially when most of the business doesn't focus around missionary work.  

Monday was our P-day, and Sister Jenson took me around to tour the beautiful city in which we live in.  We went to see the Münster cathedral, which is absolutely stunning!  There are so many cathedrals here that are just breathtaking, but I have to say that the Münster is my favorite here by far.  I also tried currywurst (not my favorite, but a good experience I guess) and then a Döner.  The Döner is kind of a funny story-so a Döner is a stereotypical German food, but it actually is more of a Turkish food than German.  I guess it's comparable to a Taco in America, everyone loves it but it's not really American.  But it was super good!  One thing I've learned about meat here in Germany is to not ask what type of meat it is.  Not even the Germans will know for sure!  If you ask what type of meat it is they will normally answer with a confused look on their face and say "Uh, es ist Fleisch." (it is meat) Obviously...

On Wednesday we went to Schaffhausen, Switzerland to übernacht (overnight/sleepover) with the Sisters there so that we didn't have to wake up super early on Thursday to go to Zurich.  Schaffhausen is such a cute little village, I really can't think of any other word to describe it than precious.  And on the train ride out of Schaffhausen there is a GORGEOUS waterfall (sorry, I don't have any pictures of that *sigh*) 
Thursday was our Mission Tour, which is where the General Authority over our area comes and tours the mission and talks to us and it's all spiritual uplifting and motivating and inspiring, which is really good during the meeting but super scary afterwards!  He really upped the bar for missionary work in our area, which is super great but super intimidating. But anyways, I met with all of the missionaries in Swiss zones for that, so I got to go to Zurich again.  I was super upset when I left the MTC because I thought I wouldn't see the foreign Elders from my MTC group ever again, because they would most likely serve in Switzerland the whole time and I probably won't ever get called to a Swiss area because of the whole Americans can't get a work Visa thing.  But I got to see them all again on Thursday, so that was super cool to at least see them one more time and know that they are doing well.

For Mothers Day, we actually had two meal appointments-one for lunch and one for dinner.  The lunch one was with the Windhausens, and they live in a super pretty area called HimmelReich (Heaven Kingdom.)  The food was amazing!  Most of it was just cooked vegetables, but there was this weird food, I can't remember what they called it, but it was basically just meat, vegetables, some sort of nut, and sauce wrapped in a crepe and then cooked in more sauce.  I couldn't eat much because it was exploding with dairy, dairy, and more dairy, but the little bit that I did eat was delicious!  And it was all made by their 15 year old son (no cooking for Mama on Mothers Day!) 

Dinner was at the Gonzales house, and they are a part member family.  Bruder G and his two daughters are both active members, but the wife, F, is not.  She has been working with the missionaries for years, and is tired of being convinced to baptism, so now we're just kinda working with her on building a testimony of her own and really participating in reading the scriptures with her family.  They are a super funny family, and surprisingly really easy to understand!  F is Italian, so she gave us a nice Italian simple meal, which was really refreshing after the big lunch at the Windhausens!  
Today for P-day our Elders want to go to Breisach, which has a bridge that borders France and Germany.  We won't be able to go into France because of mission rules, so we will pretty much just stand at the border and spit into France, maybe dip a toe in there, just to say we've been to France.  And then proceed to eat typical German foods. 

I hope all is well with everyone at home!  Thank you for your prayers and letters!
-Sister Peterson

The pictures are all pictures of the interior of the Munster cathedral

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