Thursday, May 30, 2013

27 May 2013

Well, it's almost been a month since I got to Germany.  Sometimes it's crazy to think I've been here that long already, and sometimes it's hard to remember life before Freiburg.  Oh, the life of a missionary!

So this week was rain, rain, and more rain.  This week was also a lot of appointments that fell out, so we did a lot of contacting in the rain!  As much as I love being a missionary, I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to say that going finding in the rain isn't really my favorite thing in the world.  And it's so hard to make the decision at the end of the day whether to go home a few hours early and have dinner and Sprache Studium (Sister Jenson is awful at remembering to have language study, I have to remind her every day.  But it's still the first thing we get rid of when we don't have enough time in the day), or whether to stay outside and keeping contacting.  Although it's perfectly fine to go home and have dinner and study, which we are counseled to do every day, it's just hard to make that decision, because as missionaries we are always looking for ways to find more people to teach!  So sometimes it's hard to know if you want to go home to study or just because it's cold and you can't feel your toes and your leg hairs and piercing through your thin tights.  Gah, I'm so scared for winter!

So there is an investigator we teach, she's about 65, and how can I say this nicely in English?  sie spinnt einbißchen, that's the only way I can think of to say it lol But she loves the missionaries, and she still wants to take lessons, so we teach her occasionally.  Anyways, we set up an appointment with her yesterday, and Sister Jenson told me 'Don't eat all day.  "C" feeds us A LOT of food!'  So I had a small breakfast, no lunch, and was ready to eat my arm by the time we got to "C"'s at 4.  We sat down to eat and all there was was a cabbage salad, a plate of tomatoes, and two cheese crepes.  I was about ready to kill Sister Jenson, I was so hungry and didn't see how that was going to be enough for us to eat (escpecially since neither of us can have cheese crepes..)  All I have to say is be careful what you wish for!  Shortly after we sat down, Catarina brought out a huge bowl of potato soup, a large plate of rice with gravy, a large plate of schnitzel, and four marmalade crepes for me.  (She originally had 4 cheese crepes for Sister Jenson, but Catarina ate two of them before we came.)  Oh meine Gute, I was basically holding back tears as I was finishing the last two crepes.  The funny part is, that's how most of our food appointments go!

There was a piano concert in the Church on Saturday, which was really neat.  The music director in our ward asked one of her friends to come put on a concert in the church, and then she had it advertised throughout Freiburg.  So most of the people who ended up coming weren't members, and they were just coming to enjoy the music.  It was such a great opportunity afterwards to talk to people about our church and give them a little tour in a non-threatening environment, and the people were so much more willing to listen to what we had to say.  If every member invited one friend to a ward activity or even just sacrament meeting or mutual, how much more effective missionary work would be!  I am so grateful for the ward I am in and for the excitement they have for missionary work, it makes our job as missionaries so much easier.  And members can normally reach the people that would normally reject us as missionaries if we were to come klingeling on their door.  

I had two people tell me this week that I have a talent with the German language.  Which was really nice to hear, because I feel like I am learning really slowly!  Especially since Sister Jenson can speak really well, and nobody seems to pick up on the fact that she is American.  But without fail, whenever we are contacting on the streets, the person will ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS look at me for a few seconds with a look of curiosity and all I can think is 'oh no, the next thing they are going to say is 'you're American, aren't you?'' lol it's funny, but really frustrating sometimes!  Anyways, the language is getting easier every day.  The work gets better every day.  And every day goes by faster and faster.  so does the time, which I am now out of!  I hope all is well back home! Tschüß!
-Sister Peterson

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