Thursday, May 30, 2013

27 May 2013 Kori Replies to Mom's Barage

*** I asked Kori a lot of questions:
What's your apartment like?
Is it clean?
Do you cook?
How do you decide what to study?

Here are her answers, they are pretty interesting so I thought I'd share

You asked for how I decide what to study, so here it is:
20 minutes reading in the scriptures (10 minutes reading Book of Mormon, 10 min in the New Testament.  I will read one in English and one in German, and I switch off every day which one that is.)
20 minutes reading other materials. (Missionary library, my patriarchal blessing, re-reading my journal, or focusing on a Christlike attribute.)
20 minutes reading PMG (10 minutes are spent reading front-back, and 10 minutes are spent over-viewing the lessons that I will teaching to my investigators.)  and during this whole time I am ALWAYS keeping in mind ways that what I read can help my investigators, less actives, neubekehrts, and help in finding activities.

Yes, the apartment is clean.  Yes, it is in good condition.  Yes, the sheets are clean and in good condition.  We don't get a whole lot of time to cook (especially breakfast, we mostly just have meüsli and a banana), lunch is normally leftovers (if we're even home for lunch, which is lucky!) and dinner is either spent at a members house or at home.  We actually love cooking!  We eat really good for dinner, we will cook vegetables or make pasta.  Usually really simple, but we eat really healthy and good (especially since I can't have milk and Sister Jenson can't have wheat!) Maybe a few easy and yummy recipes would be fun, but don't stress and don't feel the need to send a lot!  Thank you for the blessing by the way, it's so nice to finally have that!  It helped to change my perspective so much, I definitely felt a change in the work this week.  I got the one day before I got the other letter (I think the dear elder on Tuesday and the other one on Wednesday), but Monday was a holiday so I'm not sure if I normally would have gotten the dear elder earlier.

Quick thing:  I don't know if when I sent my address I included Kirche Jesu Christi HLT.  If that's not there, there is a possibility I won't get the mail.  I noticed you put it on (which was great!  You are so smart) but idk if it's on my facebook or ward bulletin like that.  You probably remembered though, you are always one step ahead of me!
I hope all is well at home! Thanks for your emails. Bis später!
-Sister Peterson

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