Wednesday, May 22, 2013

20 May 2013- 2 Months goes so Fast

Hello Family,

Today is my 2 month mark!  I'm trying not to keep track, I wouldn't want to get trunky while I'm still a Golden, but some days you just can't help but notice that you've been out a lot longer than you thought!

So this week, we had rain, rain, and more RAIN!  Everyone keeps saying how that's really weird for Freiburg, it's supposed to be sunniest and warmest city in Germany.  But seeing as I'll be in the warmest city for all of summer, I will be grateful that for the moment I can still wear my coat and boots!

So last Pday we went to Breisach and France (I believe I told y'all about that) and Breisach is one of the cutest cities I've seen so far!  We were just walking back to the bus from France and saw a 'castle' (it ended up just being a big cathedral) and decided to check it out.  I think that the cathedral is called the Münster of Breisach, it's a little bit smaller than the Münster in Freiburg but still really gorgeous.  

We had a lot of eating appointments this week.  I feel so bad, I really don't think that the members here understand how much gluten and lactose is in food!  We will be sitting down to a meal and the members will be so excited to have prepared a meal 'ohne laktose', but really there is cheese smeared on everything and they have pudding for dessert...or they forget that schnitzel has bread crumbs on it. But the food is delicious and we are extremely grateful for the wonderful members that feed us!! I have just decided that every time my stomach groans from the lactose I'll just say it's the Holy Ghost bearing witness that the things I'm saying are true.

I cannot tell you how much chocolate we receive as missionaries!  I think me and Sister Jenson have 4 bars of chocolate at home that we got from members this week.  It's really good, especially since we have such easy access to Swiss chocolates here, and the Germans put really interesting flavors into their chocolates...but lets just say that my biggest fear here is the scale!  Oh goodness, I need to reevaluate my eating plan here in Germany...

This week was full of miracles!  It is truly amazing to be an instrument in the Lord's hand, and to feel the Lord working through me.  It is one of the best feelings I have ever experienced.  We found a new investigator this week who is just absorbing everything we tell her, and even after 3 days we can really witness the change that the gospel has made in her life.  She calls us her 'Engelchen' (little angels).  Ah, it's an amazing feeling!  The work is really hard, and really exhausting, but being able to help those people who have been prepared by the Lord makes everything worth it.

I hope all is well at home.  Good luck to everyone with finals at school!  And to everyone who is thinking of going on a mission-DO IT!  It will bless your life in ways you can't even imagine.  Thank you all for your support!
-Sister Peterson

Happy to know there are Hippies everywhere :)

"sacrifice, peace, freedom"

Munster, Breisach

Breisach, Deutschland
Munster, Breisach

Hey, No Elders allowed... France Flag

Meine Mitarbeiterin und ich... she makes faces

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