Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30 April 2013

No email from Kori today :(

This is her travel day- so she is officially on her way to Germany.
She left the MTC today at about 8:00 a.m.
She got to call from the airport, but unfortunately everyone
else was either at work or at school, so she only got to chat with
me (and Kai for a few minutes).

She sounded so good, so happy and so ready and nervous for
her new adventure. Her travel plans included a 2 hour layover in
Detroit and a 3 hour layover in Amsterdam. She will arrive in
Germany at the Mission home late tomorrow afternoon.

Even as I write it, I can't believe she is on her way. She is so
excited, but found out that because of Visa regulations in the
country of Switzerland, she won't be allowed to be in that area.
The only way she can go there is as a visitor (which missionaries
are not). I guess that is one more reason to travel to the Alps to
pick her up from her mission.

We have had the privilege of hearing from several people
that have seen Kori in the MTC. It is nice to know she is
happy, healthy and doing well.

She talked today of what a blessing her companion has been
to her. As we said our prayers tonight, I realized that the two
of them were together for a reason in the MTC and it definitely
was not by chance that they were in the MTC together. I know
that in two days they will go there separate ways, but I do
hope that they find their way back to each other again sometime
during their 18 months in Germany.

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