Monday, April 1, 2013

And so it Begins...

I am so grateful that my grandma,
my dad and sister Traci were able and
willing to pick Kori up from the airport
and take her to the MTC. I was so sad
to send Kori out alone, but it just wasn't in
the cards for me to get to go with her :(

It was an early morning for us here in Texas.
Kori had to be at the airport at 4:30 to make
her flight and get all situated. Since we had been
in California for Spring Break, that left us
two days to get her all packed up and ready to go.
Needless to say, Tuesday was a busy and LATE night!

We are awesome parents and didn't take pictures of
everyone with her on Tuesday night when she was set
apart. So here the kids are as they say good bye to
Kori- they were too tired to go to the airport!

She's a good girl-
we're going to miss her a bunch!!

She's landed and is calling to report that she is alive and well!

My Grandma Nielsen, Kori, Traci

Kori outside the Provo Temple

The final drop off...

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