Monday, April 1, 2013

26 March 2013

Guten Tag Meine Familie,

     I know I wrote you an email today, but 30 minutes is NOT enough! So if everyone could write me one email that might be a lot easier. But this letter is strictly business- with a fun story thrown in :)
      Mom wanted my missionary scripture- I've finally chosen it, it is D&C 6:8 & 34. Beautiful Scriptures- Meine lieblings Schrifstellen!
      I would love some stationary. Writing on paper is fine, but stationary is just sehr schon!

      And my quick story- so I guess that the King James version of the Bible is only available in English and Spanish. So the German Bible we have is different version. Did you know that the book of James is actually the book of Jacob? James chose a book to name after him when he translated it. And also, my new Bible has some books from the Apocrypha, weird! So there's all these books that I've never heard of before!
      Honestly, German is the coolest language to learn. I highly recommend everyone to learn it. I learn so much about English words just learning German! (ie: Glaubsabfall, the Apostasy, means 'fall from faith') My companion told me that when Joseph Smith did the translations for the Bible, he used the German Bible because German is the most correct language. Sehr Hammer, ja? Ich bin sehr gluck!

      Ich liebe ihre!
      - Sister Peterson

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