Wednesday, April 10, 2013


More Pictures from the MTC- I hope you enjoy them:

Pic 1: So, I love defending how German really isn't an ugly language, but I can't argue with my textbook...Dad will love this pic.  Read the first sentence:

Pic 2:  Our nametags!  We get to go to the temple on Sundays just to walk around the temple grounds.  It's pretty neat!

Pic #3: Schweiss und Osterich represent!  Die schon Alpen

 Pic #4: Meine Mitarbeiterin und ich am das Provo Tempel!

Pic #5: Our Elders photobombing our picture. IDK if you can read their nametags,
 it's the British Elder and the Aussie

Pic #6: Elder Huttanen (the Finnish elder) is always forgetting his nametag.  

 Pic #'s 7 & 8: Two more of meine Mitarbeiterin und ich, so putzig!! 

I really feel so blessed to have a companion that I get along with!
Love you all
Sister Peterson

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