Monday, April 1, 2013

21 March 2013


      As much as I would love to write to you in German, it's a nice relief to be able to communicate in English! These first two days have been fun and pretty laid back, but I heard that our schedule will quickly pick up speed! There is hardly any free time, so I don't have a lot of time to write in my journal or write letters. But the upside of that is my days go by really fast!
      I really like my companion. Her name is Sister Regnier, she's from San Francisco. But she's funny and easy to get along with. She has good ideas for language study, so she pushes me to work hard. I have three other roommates, but they are Spanish speaking and going to Costa Rica.
      My district is pretty chill too. I have and elder from Norway and an elder from England and an elder from Australia, so we have some crazy accents going on.
      I think that every investigator should be allowed to visit the classes at the MTC. If nothing else convinces them of the truthfulness of the gospel, the ability of all these young men and young women to learn the languages at the rate that we do should prove that this church is true!! I have learned so much in these past two days. We are already learning to pray in German.
      For sacrament meeting this Sunday, everyone is required to write a 5 minute talk in German. EVERY WEEK! Church is entirely in German and class is entirely in German. It is insane!
      So there are a few weird things that have been really odd to adjust to at the MTC:
1) Being with my companion 24/7! I've gotten to the point where I feel naked without my companion, it's a good thing we get along.
2) calling everyone 'sister' and 'elder'. I introduced myself as "Kori" the first day and my class looked at me as if I had sworn or something...
3) speaking in German all the time. i feel awkward when I speak full sentences in English :)

      I'm sure there are more odd things I am yet to experience. One thing that made my companion and I mad is that our name tags read "Sister Peterson" not "Schwester Peterson". But I guess that even though Schwester means sister, saying "Schwester Peterson" would imply that I'm a nun... so we refer to ourselves as Sister's... but still made me a little cranky
      I was called to be a coordinating sister. Not sure what I do yet, but I guess it's the female equivalent to zone leaders.
     I love you all and hope all is well.
      P.S. My P-day is Tuesday in the MTC


My address in the MTC is:

Sister Kori Lee Peterson
MTC Mailbox #96
Alp-GER 0501
2005 No 900 Ea
Provo, Ut 84604-1793

Once in the mission field it will be:

Sister Kori Lee Peterson
Alpine-German Speaking Mission
Lommelstrasse 7
81479 Munchen

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