Monday, September 16, 2013

A Sweet Note from Elder Sumsion

** A note from Mom:

Elder Sumsion and Sister Peterson served in Freiburg together for twelve weeks.
Both Sister Peterson and Sister Henry were so grateful for the Elder's that served in their area and often wrote home to tell us how protective, kind and chivalrous the boys were.
Kori felt particularly that she wanted to let the mothers of these sweet boys know how awesome and wonderful their boys were and thank them for raising such amazing sons- not only to be great missionaries, but boys who valued their priesthood and valued womanhood.

Elder Sumsion was one of these elders. However, my only way to get a note to his mom was to email him and ask him to forward the email to his mother- so Kori's kind words about Elder Sumsion were read directly by him.

He was transferred last week to Austria, which is in her zone, but not her district. I received this email from him this morning and wanted to share it with those who love her as much as we do.

There are days when there is no way to doubt that Heavenly Father is keenly aware of who we are, what we need and who is best suited to answer our prayers. I feel this way about Monday p-days. But Heavenly Father knew today that I needed a little "extra" boost from the mission field, so waking to Elder Sumsion's email was absolutely a tender mercy sent to me from above.


Silly face courtesy of Elder Sumsion

Hello Sister Peterson!

I just wanted to let you know that I forwarded that to my lovely mother! Thank you so much for those kind words!! My mom is seriously the best and she raised me so well! I couldn't have asked for a more perfect mom for me! Heavenly Father sure knew how to take care of me best, didn't he? :) 

I was honored to have served in Freiburg with Sister Peterson!! She is fantastic and her Deutsch is SUPER! You should be so proud of her! She is training Sister Henry still right now. Sister Henry got a fabulous of the best actually! :) I guess I can be a little biased, since I know her super well, but seriously, she is fantastic. I wish that she could be in every area that I serve in because she helped me so much with some hard times that I was going through. And it was just nice to have yet another great friend out here in the mission field that I could lean and depend on. :) 

I hope all is well for you and your wonderful family in good ol' Texas! I have a really good friend that is from the Austin area. Your daughter is so awesome and she is a fantastic missionary!! I miss seeing her at district meetings, but we are still in the same zone, so I will see her soon. :) Anyways, thank you again for the email and all of the nice things that you had to say! I appreciate that a lot! Tell her that I said hello and that she's awesome! Thanks Sister Peterson!

Auf Wiedersehen! 

Elder Taylor Sumsion

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