Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Momma In Withdrawl

Dear Friends and Family-

By the time 9:00 a.m passed on Monday morning, there was some serious anxiety in the Peterson home! Those who forgot to email Kori got on quick and repented of their wrongful ways-
but the Mom in the house, who wakes up EARLY on Monday mornings hoping to get some "chat" time with Kori found herself a little anxious.

Luckily, Sister Henry's (Kori's companion) mom was just as anxious as I was. The two of us burnt up the email lines until we realized that Monday wasn't going to happen. Besides all of the completely psychotic thoughts running through my mind- I tried to be okay with the "No Email" for the day- and maybe the week-

Luckily, we had the safety of the internet and faithful Facebook- where truly all knowledge comes through safe and sound. Transfer calls had come out and Sister Peterson and Sister Henry's prayers were answered and that new apartment they went shopping for (if you missed that story read about it here) was getting a new set of Sister's moving in. That means two sets of sisters in Freiburg!!
So mama Sister Henry and mama Sister Peterson decided the girls and the Elders were helping get the apartment all set up and ready for the new Sisters arriving on the train the next day.

Kori was able to get a few minutes in this morning before they missionaries were heading out for a special Zone P-Day (she sounds like she is having a blast). She assured me that she would use her train ride to write her weekly letter and send it on home!

She did however send some pictures and a short letter-

Dear Momma,

Sorry we didn't give you any warning on Monday, but thanks for your patience :P  Sister Henry and I were teasing all day about how you and her mom were probably calling each other all day and comforting each other lol 

Yes we did get to set up the new apartment!  It was so much fun :)  It has just been a really fun week!  But it feels like a never ending play date with the Elders...seriously...its kind weird. 
Monday we were together all day setting up the apartment (and we didn't get back until midnight because of the train schedules...) 
Yesterday we were together all day because of Zone Training, and today we are doing a district Pday together.  
So 3 days of nonstop seeing each other...before they all get transferred away! (tear tear) but Elder Davies and Stricklin are staying, so thats ok!  

We do not have a lot of time today-we are going to be going to a fun little park for our pday!  It's just a really big slide type things, and you go down in carts in the 'rolling hills of Schwarzwald' lol but it is a long train ride, so I am writing my weekly blog update on a letter and few letters home to the family as well, so you will get a lot more detail later!
For now, can I redeem myself with pictures?
The first one is our daily routine for planning time. We gather our tea, our blankets and our warm socks and get busy :)
The next two pictures are from a fun little game. I will explain it in my letter home I promise. But it's a fun thing we do with the Elders in our Zone.
The flowers for Sister Bignall came from behind our apartment- 

Getting ready for our planning time

the "personal touches" from the Elders

Sister Henry and her "personal touch"
German MacDonalds- Yup mom, it's true

MacDonalds: a world wide obsession

Flowers for Sister Bignall's "personal touch"

Don't worry Elder Sumsion, these aren't for you...

Language Study- I was so tired, all I could do was draw pictures!

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  1. I am just cracking up because number one, our girls know us SO well. Number two, they are hilarious. Number three, they are just so much alike-I am having a hard time figuring out which of the two of them wrote each part of the white board! I love them :)