Monday, September 9, 2013

9 September 2013: Was fur eine kommische Woche...

Dear Friends and Family- 

I am guessing that my letter from last week hasn't gotten to my mom yet, 
so many of you may not know how CRAZY this week has been!  
Let me briefly overview what happened this week...

Monday, our district was in Lahr ALL DAY to set up a new apartment for the new Sisters who will be moving in.  We literally started from ground zero, nothing was in the apartment at all, not even the kitchen!  Those Lahr Sisters better love us to death, we basically dedicated our whole week to them!
Tuesday was Zone Training, so we woke up, got on a train, had Zone Training, got back on a train, ate a little dinner, and went to bed. There are days were we wondered how much easier it would be to be a missionary serving in the states where all you would have to do was hop in a car and drive a few minutes to the nearest church meeting house for a Zone Training.  
But Sister Henry and I have also concluded that we have the funnest and prettiest mission in the world, so train rides and learning a new language are small sacrifices to make that we are willing to make!

On Wednesday, we had a district Pday.  
We went to a fun little place called Hausach, where we rode a Rodelbahn!  (I am not sure what I called it in my letter, but it is called a Rodelbahn, which means Tobbogan run..oh my gosh, I cant spell in English anymore!!)  It was really fun!  Imagine riding a mini little roller coaster in the middle of the Black Forest...and that is our life :)  

Sister Henry and I also spent all of Thursday in Lahr to finish up the Wohnung.  
Transfer days are Thursdays, and the The Bignalls (our Senior Couple) were kind of worried that the apartment wasn't going to be ready in time for the Sisters to move in!  
But we finally got it all done!!  And then we were able to greet the new Sisters and Elder Davies new Golden at Bahnhof.  
As Sister Henry and I are the only companionship that stayed together this transfer, we have made it our duty to be the cliche Sisters welcoming committee!  I love having the excuse of being a Sister missionary, we are allowed to be as giggly and excited as we want to be and nobody can say anything about it!  There is a reason why Sisters are loved!

As fun as this week was, we didn't actually get out of the apartment to do missionary work until Friday!  It was so weird, we felt completely off of our game!  
Funny story!  So we visit a part member family every week, but they live a little dorf that is in the middle of a bunch of wine vineyards.  Normally we take a train and a bus to get there, but the train and bus aren't running for the rest of summer, so we had to take a small little bus to get there on Friday.  Because the bus is so small, it didn't list the Haltestelles (bus stops) so we just had to keep our eye on what time it was and what time the bus plan said that we should be getting to our stop.  We saw the time, quickly pressed the STOP button, and hopped off the bus.  
As the bus pulled away, we looked around...and realized that we had gotten off at the wrong stop!  We looked at the bus plan and saw that the stop we were supposed to get off at was only one Haltestelle away, and it was only 2 minutes away by bus.  
Us, being the two little blondes that we are, decided, 'oh, it is only 2 minutes away by bus, that means that it will only take 5 minutes to walk there, right?'  dumb, dumb, dumb!!!  
2 minutes away by bus on a winding road in the countryside does NOT mean a 5 minute walk!  30 minutes later, after walking at least 2 miles with no phone service, we finally arrived at the bus stop where the member was supposed to pick us up.  
Luckily they have a really good sense of humor and so they were not upset at all!  Oh, die Arme

Another funny thing, so Oktoberfest is coming up!!  Sister Henry and I were a bit worried that because Freiburg is a Universitat Stadt that we would have to be careful around Oktoberfest.  But we asked a lot of people on buses and on the streets if Oktoberfest is big here, and they all looked as us really confused and said "Why would we need Oktoberfest when we have our wine?"  
We just thought it was funny how Germany has so many stereotypes for their beer, but Freiburg is actually very popular for its fine and sophisticated wine.  Teehee but we are glad that we wont have Oktoberfest to deal with next month!  

Next week I will have tons more amazing fun spiritual things to share, I promise!  But for now y'all will just have to be satisfied with how much fun we are having here in Germany :) 

And BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO SISTER HENRY!  For a month she will be a whole year older than me.  Eww, 20 is so old...Ich will nicht daruber denken!  That will be me next month!  

Anyways, I hope everything is going great at home!  
Love you all!
Sister Peterson

Our district in Hausach on the way to Rodelbahn

A group of missionaries en route to a fun p-day outing

The beautiful countryside in Hausach

A funny picture and words on a popular smoothie drink in Germany * see below for translation
 "The yellow-5 world facts"
1. It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open
2. When you chew gum, you can't cry
3. When your tongue is outstretched, you can't breathe through your nose
4. You have just tried 3 of those things. You look ridiculous
5. Now you are laughing at yourself! That is good because laughing does you as much good as the smoothie in your hands does!
I am glad to know that Germans have a fun sense of humor!!
Sister Henry walking to Oberbergen... not a 2 minute walk

... the two minutes was really 2 miles- silly girls

seriously, that was a long walk
Cardboard Canoe

Construction at the new apartment

Two mamma's are glad to see such happy girls

... always time for silliness

Elder Stricklin, me, Elder Sumsion & J- a member from Stuttgart

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