Thursday, June 27, 2013

24 June 2013

Family & Friends,

     Oh goodness I don't even know what to say about this week.  By the time that Monday comes I can never remember what has happened!  Thank goodness for journals!

     Last P-day, a lady in our ward drove Sister Jenson and I up to Himmelreich and Schauinsland to go hiking in the Black Forest.  Schwarzwald is so pretty, and Freiburg is right in the center of it. Anyways, there is a super tall tower in Schauinsland that when you climb to the top, you can see France, Switzerland, and the Alps.  It was so amazing!  I tried to capture it on camera for y'all, but a camera just doesn't do it justice.  I guess you'll just have to come pick me up at the end of my mission so I can show you around ( 

     But anyways, Sister W (the lady who went hiking with us) bought us some lunch while we were hiking. I have told myself that I have to try everything that people give me here with a good attitude, and it has been pretty tasty so far.  But she gave me this long, black, hot dog looking thing and was really excited about me trying it.  I didn't really understand everything that she said about it, but I decided to try it anyways.  It was kind of a weird texture and flavor, and I didn't think much of it.  Later, Sister Jenson commended my bravery on being willing to eat 'blood sausage.'  Apparently, what I thought was Bratwurst was just a bunch of blood somehow turned into an edible substance.  There is my first weird food story of my mission.  

     My next food story is also a very awful language mix up.  We went out to eat at an Asian place with "P" on Friday, and I decided to be adventurous and order duck meat with my rice.  I thought the worker asked if I would like 'Schaf' with my meal (which means sheep).  I thought he was asking if I would like lamb with my duck or something, so I curiously accepted.  Well, something you should know is that Germans don't place as much emphasis on 'R' as we Americans do, they actually hardly say the R at all in some words.  So what the worker really said was 'Scharf', which means spicy.  And I am a wimp when it comes to spicy.  I was pretty much dying by the end of my meal.  

     We also got invited to a wedding this week!  This lady sat down next to us on a Straßenbahn, and she comes from America and is here for a wedding for her nephew.  She asked the bride-to-be to come sit and talk with us. They are all from Redlands, California, but the bride-to-be is studying at Cal-Arts in Valencia. We just talked for a bit about California and missionary work and temples and yada yada, and before they left they invited us to the wedding on Friday.  We can't decide if we are actually going to go or not, but it would be super fun!

     Back to missionary work.  The work here in Freiburg is good, our investigators are doing great and making a lot of progress.  I have come to really love this ward!  I could never understand how missionaries knew the wards so well, considering they got transferred so much and have a relatively short amount of time in each area.  But I have come to love this ward so much, the people are so great. Because it's so hard and requires a lot of dedication to be a member in Europe, the members that actually do come to church are FEST members and really great.  Man, I am blessed.
     I counted my probability of training next transfer.  There will be 28 Sisters available to train and 13 new Sisters coming in.  So the likelihood that I will be training is a little less than 50%, which is good because I am super scared that I will have to!  My German is doing better, but definitely not good enough for a whole companionship!  I am super lucky to have Sister Jenson.  But we will see!
Love you all and thanks for your support! Bis nächste Woche!
-Sister Peterson



Sister Jenson and I: it's super windy and bright

Sister W- our German Mother :)

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