Wednesday, June 12, 2013

10 June 2013- Transfers, but not Me & pictures!

Hi Family & Friends,

       Transfers calls came Friday!  Transfers are a pretty exciting thing on a mission, even when you know that you and your companion are staying in Freiburg for another 6 weeks (which I am actually super grateful for, 6 weeks is such a short period of time and there is so much more to be DONE here!) But anyways, not much changed in our district, only one person is leaving and we are getting another Golden.       
       BUT sad news :(  They moved the Zone boundaries to form a new zone-the Freiburg Zone!  All of the German and Austrian districts that are in Swiss zones, like mine, are all now going to be in the Freiburg zone.  Which means that Americans have absolutely no hope of ever even peeking into Switzerland while on their mission.  So no more Zürich for me :( Tomorrow will be my last time getting to go to Switzerland while on my mission, so we are all taking our cameras and our Francs and going crazy! (well, as crazy as missionaries can get.  We'll probably just go to a lot of bakeries tomorrow and internally cry.)         Oh, and me and Sister Jenson will be the only Sisters in our zone.  Cmon Sisters, I know there's more of you!  
        So Sister Jenson and I were trying to figure out how we could solve the problem of gaining 5lbs every time we went to "C"s house (the lady who makes us a ridiculous amount of food.) when we realized that the solution to every food related problem is THE ELDERS!  So we invited the Elders last week to come with us to "C"'s house; omigoodness it was priceless.  She kept blasting music and asking them to dance with her, and she would rub their arms and put lotion on their face (things me and Sister Jenson are totally used to by now) but the Elders were a little freaked out! But it was a lot less food we had to eat individually!  I was kind of surprised when they asked if they could come every time we go to Catarina's, but super grateful! We couldn't stop laughing the whole night. She is a handful (lol) but she is so much fun. 
      I forgot to tell you the story of the old woman in Güppingen.  So Sister Stewart and I were visiting an older less active lady, and she told us the story of how she was really involved in ballet growing up.  She told us that she still dances as much as she can, and all of a sudden she stood up and said 'My butt is still so firm!  Feel it, it's so firm!'  My goodness, she wouldn't let us leave until we had both poked her butt and confirmed how firm it was (which for a 92 year old Frau, I have to say I was thoroughly impressed.) Don't worry, we still got a spiritual thought in there too.  Oh man, crazy people are the only things that keep me sane sometimes!
     On the spiritual side, WE HAVE A BAPTISMAL DATE!  We met a girl named "P" about a month ago, she's about 19 and she came from Kenya to study here.  We only get to meet with her once a week, so her progress has been a bit slow.  But just last Friday, we were watching the Restoration DVD with her, and afterwards Sister Jenson and I bore our testimony that we know that the Book of Mormon is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet, when all of a sudden she interrupted and said 'yeah I know that too.  I felt really good during the video.  I've known that the Book of Mormon was true since you gave it to me.'        It was such an amazing feeling to extend the baptismal invitation with a date and have her accept it with just as much excitement as we had.  So we are praying everything goes smoothly so that she can be baptized on July 12th :)
     Thanks everyone for their letters, I get a lot of strength from your encouragement and excitement. Thanks to everyone who prays for the missionaries, it is an amazing feeling to know that you are being prayed for.  I am praying for everyone back home as well and hope that all is well!  
-Sister Peterson

On to some pictures from the month:

Just a regular day shopping for Chocolate

Sister Jenson kept telling me I needed to see the "body under the bridge"

Frankfurt Mission! So Schwarz!!

"P"- ready to commit to baptism

Sister Jenson, Elder Hanson, "C" and I

"C" and I

Elder Young & Elder Stricklin in Laderhosen (the dignity of the church just died a bit)


  1. AH! This is great! Why didn't I start reading these earlier? I LOVE the picture of Elder Young and Elder Stricklin by the way. I don't know if Sister Peterson updates this personally or not, but she should say hi to them for me. They were a blast! I'm remembering all sorts of things from my mission that I hadn't thought of since I left!

  2. Lars,
    I can't believe you were there recently enough that you know some of the same missionaries that are there with her. I will tell her to tell them "hi". I don't know when she will get permission to do the internet stuff, so for now I am the keeper of the blog :)
    Sounds like you LOVED Germany!!