Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whose Idea was it to put ME in Charge?

Dear Everyone-

     Despite the fact that I am 'celebrating' my 10 month mark as a missionary today, I still find it hard to accept the idea that I am no longer one of the cute little newbies, and that I am considered to be one of the 'old, experienced, responsible' missionaries. I do have to say, it is a lot less intimidating to make mistakes when you are paired with a Golden missionary because, in their eyes, you are the glimmering example of perfection in a missionary :P 
     I will admit, the very first time President Miles called and told me I would be training a new missionary, I was thinking 'Okay, I really hope he knows what he's doing, but I guess if he trusts me I can do it!'  
     The second time he called, I was thinking 'Okay, funny joke President, but I still trust you and your judgement.' 
     The third time he called and told me I was training Sister Erdenetsogt, I have to admit, all that I could think was "what the 'WHAT?  President, are you serious? Why haven't you FIRED me yet??"   

Lunch time
     This week Sister Erdenetsogt and I were traveling on the Straßenbahn, and Sister Erdenetsogt asks me"'Sister Peterson, what do we ever do when we get separated? Do you think we should make an emergency plan?"  
     I thought about it for a bit and then said 'Nah, that never happens, and it shouldn't be too hard to find each other again, right?'  
     I'm not even joking, the very next day, we were traveling on the Straßenbahn, and we split up as usual to do some contacting. Our stop came up and I got off...looked around...and realized I was alone. I frantically looked back inside the Straßenbahn for my companion, but couldn't find her anywhere.  
     The Bahn drove away and I sat down and was trying to think of all the places she could be, where she could have gotten off, and whether I should look for her or wait for her to come to me. After a few moments, I realized, 'duh, Sister Peterson, just pray for help!' I quickly and quietly said a prayer, and got a really strong impression 'Head home. Go home.'  
     I shoved the thought away, sure that Sister Erdenetsogt wouldn't go home, but would be waiting for me somewhere, so I started walking the opposite direction. I kept getting the thought 'Go home, go home!' but kept persisting forward with going the opposite direction- mortified that I had lost my companion, who doesn't know her way around Linz, who doesn't know our phone number.  
     After about 15 or 20 minutes, I got a call from Sister Erdenetsogt off of a strangers phone. She was waiting for me at Bahnhof the entire time. I could not help feel extremely humbled, and mildly embarrassed. Even though Sister Erdenetsogt hadn't gone home, if I had only headed in the direction of going home, I would have seen her while passing through Bahnhof.  
     Perfect example of NOT listening to the Spirit, boys and girl! So the lesson, not only for me, but for all of us, is that any emotion we give in to- fear, anger, anxiety, concern- we let go of listening to the still, small voice. My head was filled with all sorts of questions that my mortal eyes were focused on that my spiritual eyes and ears couldn't break through. Whenever you feel anxious or concerned, make sure that you have stepped back and quieted your mind enough to hear what the spirit is sure to be telling you.
     Whew, do I definitely think I will be getting fired from this training job or what???

     Okay, for some tender mercies!  
     We are teaching a young man named 'J', he is a professional musician here at the New Music Theater in Linz. He had a really busy schedule, and asked if we could just meet him at the Theater during his break. So we went to meet him, and he gave us an entire tour of the Theater! We watched a play rehearsal, went backstage, and toured some of the little practice and concert rooms. At the end, he told us that if we ever wanted to come to any of the shows (music concerts, plays, ballets, opera, etc) all we have to do is let him know and he will get us free tickets! Can I hear a big WO-HOO!!!!  There are some pretty cool perks to being a missionary :)  
     But the biggest perk of all will be when help him accept the gospel...

     We were also going to meet with Schwester 'S', the cute little elderly lady I keep talking about in our ward. She asked if we could meet her in the middle of the city and then we would all go back to her house for a lesson.  
     We met her in the city, and she ended up taking us on an entire tour of the old part of Linz! I had never known that Linz was so gorgeous, but we saw buildings that were built in 794 and the oldest stores.  

A beautiful, life size nativity in down town Linz

Beautiful Linz
Lots of homeopathic and all natural stores as well, we will definitely be going back to those :P

     I can't believe that I ever used to think that working with foreign missionaries would be so hard. I was so worried about the language gap, trying to manage between two different native tongues and trying to learn a new language. Add to that the changing dialects and language variations, and I had myself in a frenzy. Honestly, now I can say I love being with a foreign missionary, if for no other reason than the entertainment value of it all!  
     I will hear Sister Erdenetsogt repeat things I say and I realize how silly I sound sometimes. Things like "'hopping' in the shower " or talking about future 'hubbies', and so on. We were walking somewhere the other day and I accidentally stepped on her shoes, and quickly apologized. She shrugged her shoulders and said "Your fine! Did I use that right Sister Peterson? You say that ALL the time!"  She makes fun of me all the time for that, bouncing around saying 'Your fine, Your fine!!'  

    Our sweet, little Mongolian family came to church yesterday! They are the sweetest little family ever. Their daughter, 'O', is 13 years old and wants us to help her learn English as well. She wanted to add me on Facebook and was looking through some pictures and saw a picture of cupcakes and got all excited, 'Do you know how to make REAL cupcakes?' I told her "yes, I actually LOVE making cupcakes, I just never have time on my mission", and she said 'I have a birthday on Thursday, you have to come over and we will make cupcakes together!'  
     Cupcakes as a missionary tool, who knew?  
     Maybe I should make that a finding theme as well, stop people on the street and ask if they have ever tasted real American cupcakes before :P  

     We had an opportunity to go to a Relief Society meeting with 'M'. She was teaching the sisters fancy ways to do hair, and so we got to be models for the other ladies to practice on.

     I hope everyone has a good week!  I love you, thanks again for all of your support and prayers :)

Sister Peterson

Quote of the week:
Sister Erdenetsogt:  Sister Peterson, look at us, what do we look like?
Me:  Missionaries?
Sister E: No, look again!
Me:  Women?
Sister E:  No!!  Look at me!  I am like black and white TV, and you are the color TV!
hahahaha I love my companion 


  1. Oh how I love your sweet little missionary! She doesn't have any idea how awesome she is, does she? What a cute cute letter and such fun experiences she is having! I just keep thinking, what a blessing the missionary age change has been. Incredible!

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  3. Sister Peterson's letters always make me smil. :)