Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Something Beautiful in My Life

I am sure that General Conference is just as fun as a missionary as it is a non-missionary, 
I just never really understood how cool it was until now :P  
We read the Liahonas and Ensigns for fun :)
but this was probably the first time that I was literally on the edge of my seat soaking up every word that was said!  
It was a really cool conference- except we were all praying for a temple in Vienna, Austria, 
but that will just be announced next conference after we have baptized the whole country.
It wasn't too weird of an experience watching Conference in another country.  
The only times it felt kind of funny was whenever anyone would say 'Good morning, brothers and sisters!'  or say 'this morning I would like to talk to you about...' and then to realize that it is 7pm here in Germany and it is crazy dark outside, 
but I'm sure that it was a lovely morning over there in America :P  
We didn't get to watch the Sunday afternoon session yet, but everything else was AMAZING!  Never before have I sat in front of the TV for 10 hours and enjoyed it so much!

Funny story-so we were watching the end of the Saturday morning session, and Henry B. Eyring announced that the concluding speaker for the night would be Dieter F. Uchtdorf, after which there were a few people in the room who exclaimed 'yes!' or clapped their hands.  We all chuckled at ourselves after that.  It is impossible to not love Elder Uchtdorf :P  
I also had a lot of really proud moments whenever anyone would mention anything about Germany.  
I just like being here a lot, if you couldn't already tell haha

The family that was going to be baptized on my birthday has been CRAZY BUSY over the past few weeks, so we have had a really hard time meeting with them and getting lessons in.  
At first, Sister Henry were trying to deny that we would have to push the baptismal date back, worried that by doing so we were telling the Lord that we didn't believe He could give us a miracle.  
As the weeks went on, and the more and more we studied and talked about it, we realized that the Lord has a greater plan for these people than we could ever imagine! 
Everything that has been happening with this family has been out of our control, we have been doing the things we have needed to be doing, and yet there was no possible way for them to get prepared for baptism by this upcoming Saturday.  
One of the greatest bits of peace that we have found as we made the decision to push the date back, is that we know without a doubt that this family, and every other person that we will ever talk to, will one day (whether in this life or the next) be able to hear the fullness of the Gospel and be able to make a clear decision on whether or not to accept it.  
That is guaranteed, and that part I know.  The part I do not know is what role I play in all of it, whether my role is just to talk with them on the street, be a good example, start teaching, or lead them into the waters of baptism, that I do not know.  
But the Lord does, and even though it is SO HARD sometimes, I have to trust Him.  And I do :)

So transfer calls come this week, CRAZY! 
It is weird to think that I have been in Freiburg for 6 months already.  
As excited as I am at the possibility of being transferred to another city, I am also not sure if I want to! I love this ward, I love these people, I do want to leave these friends behind!  
I guess that is the hard part of being a missionary, and having to leave these people behind, and I have never experienced leaving an area yet.  
But who knows, I could very well stay :P Although it is highly unlikely :/ We will talk about that next week when I know what is happening!

There is a couple that we meet with every Thursday, 
the wife is a member and the husband is an investigator.  
The H-U Familie
They are the sweetest little couple ever, and Sister HU takes care of us missionaries so much :) 
We were at their house on Thursday and they told us that they wouldn't be able to meet next week for whatever reason it was.  
We asked if we could take a picture with them, just in case it was one of our last times being over at their house- 
Bruder H asked us where we wanted to take the picture, 
to which we shrugged our shoulders and said 'Egal, outside would be nice.' 
He then said 'Ok, how about a mountain?  
Hop in the car, we're going to a mountain to take pictures!'  

So they drove us to the top of a really gorgeous Weinberg in Ihringen, just to take pictures with us! 

Ahhhh, so much prettier in person
It was way cool.

Oh, I almost forgot!  
So last Pday, one of our members, F, took us on a hike to take us to see the ruins of an old castle. 

Three Elders, quite the Bromance
It seemed more like he was taking us on a tour than on a hike, he kept telling us all of this random and interesting stuff.  

He showed us an area in the forest that the Nazis used to use to hide weapons and use as bunkers and other things. 

An old Nazi Bunker
It was really interesting to hear the story of World War II from the eyes of a German, and every time I think about it, my heart breaks for the German people :(  
After touring all the Nazi stuff we finally made it to the top of the hill to the ruins of an old castle. 

What are they doing??

F and Elder Stricklin in his Lederhosen

The edge of something beautiful

Ruins of an old castle
I don't think my mind can fully comprehend how lucky I am to be serving in such a beautiful place!  
I am just so grateful that God gave us eyes to see, because cameras never seem to capture the beauty of Germany in the same way I am able to see it with my eyes.  
I guess y'all will just have to come here to pick me up in 18 months and see it for yourself :P

A vineyard
I love you all so much,
Thanks for all your support and prayers, I feel them every day.

Sister Peterson

There is always...

... time for fun!

A fun puzzle we made for the Elders

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